Pick Display Frames and Inserts

4" x 6" CLEAR Guitar Pick Display - Horizontal - Holds 8 Picks

Plectrum Spectrum™

4" x 6" CLEAR Guitar Pick Display - Horizontal - Holds 8  Picks

Introducing Plectrum Spectrum™ Guitar Pick Displays – the ideal gift for YOU. Makes a perfect gift for the guitarists or music enthusiasts in your life. Enhance your music room, adorn your amp, or effortlessly grace any wall with this display. Have a favorite band? Showcase those elusive concert picks the perfect way – for everyone to admire! If you're a touring band with custom picks, proudly display them on your merch table!

Crafted from CLEAR acrylic, Plectrum Spectrum GUITAR PICK DISPLAY inserts feature meticulously cut holes in the shape of standard 351 guitar picks. It's easy – lay the frame face down, remove the back glass piece, position picks face down in the cut-out holes, add the backing glass, bracket and voila! DISPLAY! Each pick securely fits between the glass for a stunning presentation.

Every purchase receives a solid wood 4" x 6" float frame (complete with wall hangers and shelf stand bracket ) and CLEAR acrylic insert to securely hold your picks in place. View both sides of your picks in all their glory!

No picks are included.

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$ 24.95